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The applicant for an Andesmar agency must have previous experience in the commercialization of intangibles and services, with a marked commercial profile, proactive and predisposed to the fulfillment of objectives, knowledge in customer service , handling confidential information and submitting to procedural work; in addition to operating computer systems. We recommend that you complete our form at the end of the page so that our commercial advisors can contact you and can clear up any doubts.

We have several options for you to join our team as an Andesmar agency. Here are some of the work methods.

Official Andesmar Agency

To be an Andesmar agency is to manage a business completely destined to the sale of tickets with the support of our trajectory and constant advice, agreeing the conditions through a contract with excellent earnings based on percentages of sales.

One of the advantages is that whoever is an Andesmar agency can apply for the sale of other Andesmar group products and services to increase profitability.

You will be trained in sales, bank rendering, management of corporate and institutional media, operational procedures and customer service.

Some of the conditions to work as an agent is to be autonomous and independent before the AFIP and provincial and municipal organizations in relation to the company, becoming a different taxpayer from the company and is bound by a commercial contract. In this sense, according to the activity, it is categorized as an employer of the personnel that works in official agencies.

Prepaid Agency

This type of agency has an online ticket sales system by self-management for shops or physical point of sale that want to incorporate one more business option with the same possibilities and benefits as a traditional sales agency of bus tickets.

The merchant that enters the system accesses the same services and promotions as any Andesmar Group point of sale in the country. From there you can sell regular tickets and those of all companies that operate with this standardized sales system.


The self-management service for the store that incorporates it will not mean administrative work or extra costs. It also does not require guarantees or deposits; and most importantly, the trade that incorporates it will be able to sell tickets to any destination in the country and abroad of the companies that make up the Andesmar Group.

Current Account Agency

Service for companies and SMEs that wish to open a current account for ticket issuance with a support service and personalized attention.

Ticket issuance is requested by phone or by sending an email with their data and details. The billing of these tickets sold is done every 15 or 30 days, depending on the current account agreement established with the Andesmar Group.


Facilitates the management of ticket issuance to all destinations in the country and abroad that the Andesmar Group covers, while providing personalized attention, either by phone or email. Optimize times, facilitate administrative processes and make them simpler.

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