Human resources

The Andesmar team:

The human capital of the company is formed by a solid workforce. That is our most important resource, we select, train and capacitate them, to respond to the commitment acquired over 40 years of uninterrupted service in the transportation of passengers.

Our Human Resources policy, is based on the values of respect, support, direction, participation, communication and teamwork. Our effort is aimed at promoting the professional and individual growth of employees, as well as increasing degrees of identification with the interests and values of the company.

Attracting, maintaining and developing this human capital is fundamental to have the capacity as an organization, to guarantee the permanence and continuous success of the work, and to promote an excellent level of business profitability; along with a high quality of life of our workers, within a legal and ethical framework.

The current organizational structure is oriented to maximize value creation. Andesmar is aligned with objectives supported by key management indicators that are the elements of a formula to generate commitment through decision making. This guides our work all days of the year.


In 2008, the Human Resource Management was awarded with the IRAM-ISO 9001 standard in:
• Personnel Entry and Exit Process
• Personnel selection process
• Personnel Management Process
• Training

This indicates the commitment assumed with the quality policy adopted by the company, taking it as a way of life, promoting teamwork and a management system in accordance with the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard.


As the company develops, personnel are recruited in its different areas and for the following tasks:
• Long-distance bus drivers
• On-board auxiliaries
• Administrative
• Technicians in different fields

This process involves professionals from the Personnel Selection department, who, aware of the importance of having the appropriate staff, take into account the new trends in evaluation techniques applied to candidates.

From the design of the templates, job descriptions, their nature and type of selection by competences, definition of profiles in interviews, psychometric tests, to the information gathered from each candidate, their subsequent report and effective analysis; Everything is part of a meticulous selection process of our human resource, being able to integrate into the organization and understanding its responsibility in the service we offer throughout the country.

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